Art Jewelry

Honoka makes Art Jewelry Out of the mines of Columbia, South America.  At the moment the gemstones appear in my sight, I feel an astonishing power and aura from their beauty; their radiance.  5 years of experiencing a jewelry production site of while traveling through Australia and Asia. 6 years of mining in Columbia during the 1990s. 2 years of studying gemology and design at the GIA, New York, to earn a professional certification of gemologist. My desire to learn at the site does not change. My wish is that the gemstones which have undergone several hundred million years of transformation. Play a fateful encounter with its desired owner. I believe that the bond between people and stones come alive by making jewelry according to the character and nature of each person and individual gemstone. “The jewelry that becomes an individual’s trademark” As the jewelry is worn by the owner for many years to come Both the people and stones become like a part of each other.