Upcoming Exhibition Dates

Listing of Honoka Exhibition of Stunning Raw Emerald Jewelry. Honoka Emerald Hunter exploring deep inside Colombian Mines in South America

2017 spring

Wed 24th May to Tue 30th May 2017

​Art Gallery at Isetan Shinjyuku 5th floor

Wed 31st May  to  Tue 6th June

Hankyu Umeda Department Store
7th floor at Art Gallery

Wed 14th June to Tue 20th June

Matuszakaya Nagoya Departmant Store
Shouth Wing 3F M-cubic

Wed 19th July to Tue 25th June

Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi
Main building 7F
Event Hall

2017 fall

Wed 29th Nov to  Mon 4th Dec

11月29日(水)-12月4 日(月)

Mistsukoshi Sapporo 9F 
Mitsukoshi gallery


Coming soon …